1. Vienna-based Ar. Alexander Diem captures eyeballs with this absolutely impressive, extraordinary villa by the lake in Western Austria - manifesting the theoretical underpinnings of his office. Check it out here… 


  2. Abstraction in form; colour neutrality and fluid lines of curvature define workspaces designed by Delhi-based Kapil Aggarwal of KA Designs. IAnD profiles two of his recent projects. Check them out here…


  3. SPARK’s ‘pleated’ and ‘woven’ façade for the award-winning mixed-use development Jing Mian Xin Cheng in Beijing demonstrates that depth of experience need not be forgotten despite the speed of the central city’s expansion resolves a variety of practical issues, while referencing a textile market that formerly operated on the site. Check it out here…http://globalhop.indiaartndesign.com/2014/09/mixed-use-development-jin-mian-xin.html

  4. An installation at the Delhi Duty Free in the Indira Gandhi International Airport’s departure terminal draws inspiration from the surging waters of the sea…http://indiaartndesign.com/IAnD_images/content2014/Sept/Lehar/Lehar_Indiaartndesign%20(4).jpg

  5. Those of you, who are familiar with the Ritu Dalmia touch that gives a distinctive flavour to Italian cuisine (she’s known as the Queen of Italian cuisine, after all), will agree that the stately lady has a whole lot of taste! India Art n Design ezine gets to know the creative chef better… http://inditerrain.indiaartndesign.com/2014/09/chef-ritu-dalmia-no-less-dishy.html

  6. The Tent is a small spa designed by a21studio and perched above a hot spring and mineral resort hill in Vietnam. Check it out here…


  7. Standing out for its striking façade, this award-winning ‘twin sloped roof’ bungalow is primarily designed to adapt the home to Bahrain’s harsh climate… Check out the ‘all-glass’ home here…http://indiaartndesign.com/IAnD_images/content2014/Sept/BahrainHouse/Bahrain_house_moriq_indiaartndesign%20(5).jpg

  8. As the buzz of the London Design Festival that has just concluded last night, continues in hushed wow’s, Team IAnD chews on the thought of the colossal participation, burgeoning by the years… check out our insight here… http://globalhop.indiaartndesign.com/2014/09/london-design-festival-reaching-out-or.html

  9. Army barracks transform into a plush open-plan home, where warm natural materials and colours find a corresponding analogy in cuboid solid-surface forms and glass surfaces. Check it out here…  http://indiaartndesign.com/IAnD_images/content2014/Sept/IFLoft/ippolito_fleitz_indiaartndesign%20(1).jpg

  10. Taking their cue from the non-orientable loop of the Möbius strip, NEXT architects from Amsterdam design an art installation – exploiting the principle to emerge with yet another actuating philosophy in life. Check it out here… http://globalhop.indiaartndesign.com/2014/09/the-elastic-perspective_19.html